Issue 13


The Great Green issue, published in Summer 2019, is full of hope, wonder, science and joy, and it’s all about making the earth happy. Featuring: activist Greta Thunberg, rainforest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni, British artist Ann Carrington, dressmaker Christy Dawn, activist Winona LaDuke, marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and garden educator LaShaun Ellis. Plus, get a recipe for berry soup from chef Mollie Katzen, read a short story by @100postcards’ Elisabeth Egan, build a DIY solar oven with solar engineer Richa Pandey, and flip through a comic on Rachel Carson by Kerstin LaCross. Also included: 25 ways to make the earth happy, a mystery mosaic, a secret code, coloring, puzzles, games and more! This issue is 64-pages—100% fun, 0% ads.



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