Issue 12


The Explorers issue, published in Spring 2019, is all about staying curious, seeing the world through fresh eyes and sharing what you’ve learned. Featuring: Cheryl Strayed on being brave, polar explorer Ann Bancroft, NASA’s Sue Smrekar, art historian Leslie King-Hammond, glaciologist Ulyana Horodyskyj, botanist Meg Lowman, marine scientist Salomé Buglass, conservation scientist Rae Wynn-Grant. Plus MilkMade founder Diana Hardeman with an ice cream recipe, comic artist Lucy Bellwood with a comic on Jeanne Baret, British comedian Josie Long with a funny joke and best-selling author Karina Yan Glaser with a thrilling short story. Also included: logic puzzles, word games, a search-and-find, a secret code, coloring, pattern games and more!  This issue is 64-pages—100% fun, 0% ads.



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