Issue 07


The Light Issue, published in Winter 2017/2018, is so full of light, it practically glows. It will encourage kids to build, think, play, laugh and shine bright. In it: •Astronaut Peggy Whitson shares her advice for reaching for the stars in an illustrated maze by Hazel Newlevant •NYT bestseller Meg Wolitzer contributes a short story, “Pixie Light,” about overcoming any fear of the dark •Legendary cartoonist Alison Bechdel draws a science-themed spot-the-difference based on Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own •Two-time Newbery Award winner Kate DiCamillo offers a simple writing trick to help spread light •Heliophysicist Nicole Fox, Ph.D., project scientist on NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, takes us along on her quest to “touch the sun” •Marine biologist Séverine Martini, Ph.D., dives into the ocean to show us glowing sea creatures •MIT mechanical engineer Evelyn Wang, Ph.D., helps us build a solar-powered pinwheel •Atmospheric scientist Alison Nugent, Ph.D., drops some knowledge about rainbows •World-renowned artist Judith Schaechter inspires us to make stained glass candy •The Secret Lantern Society’s Naomi Singer leads us through three lantern-making tutorials to brighten any winter night •Pies ‘N’ Thighs chef Sarah Sanneh shares her famous recipe for flakey biscuits, perfect with sunny side up eggs •Ignatz Award-winning cartoonist Rebecca Mock draws a 6-page comic on lighthouse keeper Ida Lewis, “The bravest woman in America” •Puppeteer Katherine Fahey teaches us how to make a moving picture show in a match box •Optometrist Jacqueline Davis, O.D., offers up four eye tricks •Illustrations throughout by Molly Brooks ALSO: •Solve activities, including a secret code, featuring a quote by Maya Angelou, a dot-to-dot, light-switch covers and more! (Full color. 8.5 x 11. 64 pgs. Printed in VT.)


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