Issue 06


The Steampunk Issue, published in Fall 2017, is dedicated to understanding how machines work. When we think of machines, we tend to think of greasy cars and trucks, but they’re so much more. The pens we use to write, the bikes we ride, even the mechanisms that make a doll’s eyes open and close are all types of machines too. In this issue, you can make mechanical toys with automata artist Cecilia Schiller, dive deep into the sea with legendary aquanaut (and submarine designer) Sylvia Earle, learn how your body is like a machine with biomedical engineer Gilda Barabino, Ph.D., wander through a geyser field with geologist Susan Kieffer, Ph.D., read a comic about ship designer Raye Montague (one of the Navy’s Hidden Figures) by Yao Xiao, make steamed mochi ice cream balls with Chef Bao Bao of Brooklyn’s Baoburg, keep a bike journal with world record-breaking cyclist Juliana Buhring, do a color-by-dot with artist and quilter Bisa Butler, and fly an airship in a short story by acclaimed sci-fi writer Jane Yolen. Plus, there are a ton of activities: a dot-to-dot, search-and-find, a word search, a secret code, a build-your-own-robot, and four, free, tear-out postcards, so you can #makesomenoise. 64 pages, no ads.

Available only within the United States ($12.50 + $2.50 shipping). Only annual subscriptions are available worldwide.


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