Where can I buy Kazoo?

You can order single issues and annual subscriptions right here. You can also find Kazoo at Barnes and Nobles nationwide, as well as these awesome indies. Single issues are also available on amazon, though there’s an additional shipping fee there.

If you are a bookseller and would like to stock Kazoo in your store, awesome! Please contact Ingram Customer Care at 1-800-627-6247 to place an order.

What age are Kazoo‘s readers?

Our readers are bright, silly, inquisitive, uninhibited girls, ages 5 to 12—though we know a few adults who’ve subscribed for themselves, too.

Can boys read Kazoo too?

Of course! We’d love it, and they’d probably love it, too. After all, there’s no such thing as say, girls’ science and boys’ science, or girls’ art and boys’ art. Science is science and art is art, of course. But here’s the thing: Most media that cover similar topics use boys as the default target audience, while girls are left with the burden of just “putting themselves in the story.” Or, if they do feature an active girl—one who practices science, runs fast, rides horses, etc—she’s often hailed as the exception to the rule, as in, “See? Girls don’t have to be ‘so girly.’ They can be powerful, too.” While we think these stories are well-intentioned, they often have the opposite effect of reinforcing stereotypes, rather than breaking them. Little girls don’t think that, by being their already powerful selves, they’re breaking any stereotypes. They’re just being who they are without any degree of self-consciousness. That’s what we want to preserve in girls specifically, which is why we call Kazoo a magazine for girls. It’s the only place where they can see themselves, and amazing women role models, on every single page.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Sure do! We’ll ship annual subscriptions anywhere in the world. There’s an added shipping fee of $15 to Canada and $28 anywhere else to cover the extra stamps.

Will there be a digital version?

Nope. By the time your kid is finished reading Kazoo, she will have drawn on, colored in, glued and even cut a few of the pages. You wouldn’t want her to do that to your iPad, would you?

I’ve seen other magazines sell subscriptions for a few bucks. Why is Kazoo pricier?

Most magazines are paid for through their advertising, and we are not relying on ads. So far, we’re also only printing a few thousand issues at a time, which means our per-issue printing costs are significantly higher than what a major publisher would pay. Plus, Kazoo will be printed on FSC-certified 100% recycled paper in Vermont, because we’re interested in making the world a better place for our kids. Finally, it’s important to us to do our best to pay our contributors—our designers, photographers and illustrators, most of whom are women—fair wages. Asking artists to work for free, or “for exposure,” is not how we play. We’re just starting out, still working with our tiny team around our kitchen table, and we’re doing our best to put something great into the world. Our price is set so we can continue to meet our costs and exist. We also want Kazoo to be widely available to all kids of all economic backgrounds, so we donate 500 copies of every issue to First Book, a not-for-profit which provides reading material to children in need.

What about advertising?

Between our covers, Kazoo will remain 100% ad-free. That’s 64 pages of ad-free content.

Why is it called Kazoo?

The beauty of the kazoo is that everybody already has what it takes to play one. Just breathe, and its loud, happy sound comes automatically. We want girls to feel the same way about their own voice—that they already have everything it takes to use it. There is a tremendous amount of power—and joy—in making noise.